Introducing the R-Keeper

R-Keeper is one of the world's leading providers of information technology solutions (software and hardware) for managing and automating business processes for businesses in the field. entertainment area, restaurant and hotel. 

Our customer list is still growing rapidly with the current number of over 20,000 customers from Europe, America and Asia. 

We recognize that our solution system is successfully deployed and applied in almost all places thanks to a really good relationship with our customers. That's why we always develop products that are easy to use, easy to grasp, as well as considerate customer service 24/7.

Point de vente
Blanc et Noir
(New price)
Maintenant seulement 650.00 EURO
Imprimante Thermique
Trois interfaces (USB, Série, LAN)
160.00 EURO
Client d'affichage 10inch couleur
VFD (Affichage Client)
230 EURO
Scanner de codes barres 3D
Avec lampe de poche
75.00 EURO

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