We're here to protect your investments

We are a team that offers our customers a complete tailor-made solution for your business.

You can try R- systems yourself to make your own sense of their complexity and ease of use.

There are no two identical installations among our hundreds of our customers, and your operation is unique to us as we approach it.

Only a properly configured and used cashier system is beneficial to its operator, and we do our utmost to enable the user of the R-system to take advantage of all the benefits that the systems offer in each particular type of operation.


Parent company UCS was founded in 1992 in Moscow. The strong combination of Russian programming know-how and US capital has enabled the company to achieve market-leader position on the Russian market and has become a strong international player with more than 39,000 installations and a successful use of produced software in 47 countries on three continents. 

 Rkeeper France is a business and service partner of UCS (Universal Computing Solutions) products in the France Republics. The company philosophy puts the greatest emphasis on securing sales operations with the client with the aspect of minimizing potential losses and optimizing profits. UCS original software ... and Key Solution for Your Hospitality Business.